2021 Retrospective and Future Goals

Can you believe Bounce will be in its fifth year in 2022? We’ve supported so many entrepreneurs this year through meaningful programming, and connections. We wanted to reflect on our biggest and proudest accomplishments this past year and our hopes for the new one.

And if you’re still at a loss for gift-giving, we even have some book recommendations for the entrepreneur in your life.

Doug Weintraub, CEO

My proudest moment this year was reaching pre-pandemic levels across our departments and expanding our program offerings during the process. We were able to assist even more startup businesses and continue our brand awareness to help entrepreneurs discover our services.

In 2022, I hope to find and maintain new and expanded funding sources. As well, we are working on getting funding for several major projects that will not only enhance Bounce’s footprint and offerings, but will strengthen the Greater Akron entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Jessica Sublett, COO

I’m most proud of the team we’ve assembled this year who have rolled up their sleeves to accomplish very meaningful work.  This team has helped the organization meet nearly every goal we set for ourselves for the year and I’m optimistic about the year ahead. We’re poised to do even more excellent work next year.  

As we head into our fifth year (WOW!) as an organization, I hope that our work is recognized outside of our traditional ecosystem. I also hope that the multiplier effect of our clients’ success stories amplifies our impact and reaches new aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

Book recommendations

  • Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank: It’s great for new entrepreneurs. It’s consistently recommended by top entrepreneurial programs for developing a successful business model that’s rooted in the voice of the customer.
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins: Perfect for business leaders working towards growth. It’s 20 years old, but the methodologies have stood the test of time.
  • Lifescale by Brian Solis: Looking for focus in the new year? Lifescale is all about identifying and eliminating the distractions (read: technology) that are keeping you from achieving success in your mental health, career, and life in general.


Jeanine Black, CMO

I am extremely proud of the amount and quality of content and marketing initiatives we achieve with minimal resources. We continue to increase awareness for Bounce and all of our programs and services by not only growing our audiences but reaching the “right” audiences. In fact, by year-end, we will have met or come very close to meeting each year-end marketing goal.

In 2022, I hope to build on our marketing successes to continue to serve more entrepreneurs and coworking members and grow the number of events at Bounce. This will be accomplished through increased content development and digital reach; the development of more sophisticated processes; and an expansion of resources. I’m really excited because we recently added an amazing content and digital marketing manager to our team. I am no longer a team of one! Theresa Attalla has already made a huge impact in the short amount of time she’s been here, and she will be key to the above goals for the year. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to 2022!

Book recommendations

  • Gallup Strengths Finder test: It’s not really a book, but there is a book component to it. I think every person and team should do this test. It’s amazingly insightful as to your own working style and how you interact with others, including specific team members. A DISC test can also help teams understand each other and figure out where there are gaps.

James Hilton
Senior Director, Entrepreneurial Services

For 2021, I am most proud of our programming team. We have so many moving parts, from supporting the entrepreneurs, themselves, to managing the many components of the programs. The entire team is doing a great job as we move forward. I am confident that 2022 will be an even greater growth year for us at Bounce. 

I hope to drastically ramp up advisor engagement and total numbers in 2022. This will be my first full year at Bounce in the senior director position and my goal is to fully explore many of the ideas and strategies for our various programs throughout the year; as a core component, the advisor network will represent a quantitative measurement of resource expansion for our client companies. 

Book recommendations:

  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel: I think any founder seeking to start a software startup needs to read and understand this book. [TA1] 
  • The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi: If someone else also uses Zero to One, I’d recommend this one. This is a very literal book on sword fighting; the entrepreneur can read this and find applicable thought in pushing a strategy to their advantage, similar (and yet less cliche) to The Art of War.

Ace Epps
Director, Inclusive Entrepreneurship

My biggest Bounce accomplishment of 2021 was taking over our program meetings. Being able to provide a space for team members to learn more about each other while being updated on programming has been fulfilling for me. I feel like I am getting a chance to connect with coworkers on a personal level which contributes to a more vibrant workplace.

Book recommendation:

Rose Sabrose
Director, Community and Partnerships

My proudest moment of 2021 was when the Generator reached all yearly goals and sold more day passes than ever before.  After being significantly impacted by COVID-19, it is great to see people coming back to use the coworking and event space.  

In 2022, I hope to surpass all previous rental and membership numbers and increase the number of guests that visit Bounce. I also want to create a collaborative community for all Bounce members/clients.

Book recommendation:

Jack Hilton
Startup Advisor, Program Manager

My proudest moment in 2021 was RustBit Studio winning Best in Show at their second (ever) game conference. It was a small conference, but it’s a good signal that they are on the correct path forward – building a game that is genuinely fun to play. I’m proud of the dedication the team has despite the difficulty of the task at hand. 

There are quite a few promising companies in the Bounce Software Accelerator for 2022. I hope that a few of them will see strong growth, close a pre-seed or seed round, and/or accomplish their milestones. 

Book recommendations:

Austin Kettner
Startup Advisor, Tech Manager

For 2021, I was proud to see multiple companies survive COVID-19 restrictions and prosper through hard work. In some cases, companies that had zero sales powering through were able to get 20-plus subscriptions to their products after continually testing changes.

Many businesses in 2021 ramped up to the point of letting their founders focus on the businesses with no other commitments. I would love to see more of this in 2022.

Asha Zayn
Program Manager

My biggest Bounce accomplishment in 2021 is wrapping two cohorts of the Aspiring Entrepreneur Program this year, especially considering I’ve been with Bounce for only a year. The entrepreneurs were so engaged and only amplified my excitement to assist in providing resources to our local business owners.

In 2022, I hope to scale the Next Level Business Incubator for the sake of established entrepreneurs looking to learn more about the opportunities in our “backyard.”

Molly Carpenter
Community and Events Coordinator

My proudest moment of 2021 was planning and executing the Startup Showcase with an entirely new format and agenda. The day exceeded expectations all around! In 2022, I hope that we exceed the number of events held here in 2021 and that I can help plan and execute even more Bounce program-focused events to our calendar.

Selina Garcia
Program Coordinator

My biggest Bounce accomplishment was completing my first MORTAR at Bounce cohort. There were such outstanding entrepreneurs in the program; it was a wonderful experience watching them change and grow from start to finish.

In 2022, I hope to see increased success for our future MORTAR participants and MORTAR Alumni. We’re continuously working to provide beneficial resources to those involved in our programs.

Bryce Collison
Program Coordinator

I hope to put systems in place that will make it easier for companies to connect to advisors and investors.  Access to capital and mentorship are two of the most important factors in determining whether a startup succeeds or fails, and improving our ability to support companies in these critical areas is a priority for next year.

And that’s a wrap on 2021! We are so grateful to our community, our clients, and our team. We want to continue our great work into the new year and look forward to working with you.