A List of Lists: COVID-19 Online Resources

Posted: March 26, 2020 Today, we are thankful for the “list-makers”; those people and organizations who are diligently gathering necessary and timely information and resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses, employers and employees to use as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some that we have found helpful, but we know there are more. Please […]

Fostering a Resilient Company, Community and Culture

Keeping Business moving through Remote Tools, Preserving Company Culture, and Finding What Matters Along the Way By Thomas Dufour, Director of Accounts & Business Development, emBold Late last year, our company, emBold, a web + mobile design and development digital agency, had entered and were finalists in a contest by TechOhio to determine which Ohio […]

Community in a Time of Crisis

by Jeanine Black, Bounce chief marketing officer Bounce Innovation Hub is many things – a trusted resource for entrepreneurs, a professional location for startups and small businesses, a place where ideas are born and innovation thrives. It is also a community – a community that spans all ages, genders, races and ethnicities. It is an […]

Writing Our Own History

By Sharetta Howze, Bounce program coordinator In celebration of Black History Month, Sharetta, who is also an entrepreneur, reflects on what history means to her and how it affects her life and her work.  History. A word that causes many African Americans to feel disdain when they hear it. It tends to remind us of […]

Year in Review: Celebration and Focus

By Doug Weintraub, Bounce CEO On behalf of everyone here at Bounce, I’d like to wish you a happy new year. It’s amazing how far Bounce, as an organization and as a team, has come since I wrote last January. 2019 HIGHLIGHTS As you know, the biggest highlight of 2019 was completing the first-floor Generator […]

Youth Advocate and Aspiring Entrepreneur

By Alicia Lee, owner, Life Purpose and participant, Aspiring Entrepreneur Program Cohort 1 I have been working with youth for several years in corrections and in a therapeutic setting, as a functional transitional counselor. It always struck me how nervous the kids were to leave the facility or their foster home in order to enter […]

Give First

By James Hilton, Bounce startup advisor As an entrepreneur and one of Bounce’s startup advisors, I dedicate several hours a week to assisting entrepreneurs in our Software Accelerator. I don’t often get asked, but I do often ponder, why I’ve committed part of my time to helping other founders. Is it selfish for me? Does it drive […]

Mission: Accepted

By Jessica Sublett, Bounce chief operating officer  When Bounce was founded in January 2018, there was a major shift in our mission: to serve all entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses in our community. Previously, as the Akron Global Business Accelerator, our programming only served a narrowly defined type of technology company due to funding restraints. […]

Tips for Working Remotely – From Someone Who Learned the Hard Way

Guest blogger: Byron Delpinal, developer at Sparkbox and Bounce coworking member Sitting down at my desk, still groggy as I sip on my first cold brew of the day with my scrambled eggs in hand, was usually where you’d find me during the week around 8 a.m. I’d work most of the day, uninterrupted, ignoring […]

Member Spotlight: Byron Delpinal

We have an incredible, growing community on the first floor of Bounce made up of freelancers, small businesses, startups and remote workers. One of these fine folks is Byron Dylan Delpinal, a developer with Sparkbox. Recently Akron Entrepreneurs put together this gorgeous video and interviewed Byron about his business and Bounce. And we’re gonna let him tell you about […]