Meet Our Team

We are a growing team of advisors, directors, executives and entrepreneurs working to ensure that Bounce’s programs, services and facilities meet the needs of our vibrant community.


Executive Team

Doug Weintraub


A northeast Ohio industry leader, investor and entrepreneur, Doug sets and maintains the vision for Bounce.

Jessica Sublett


Jessica oversees Bounce’s operations. She knows our people, our building and the ecosystem better than anyone.

Jeanine Black


With a focus on strategic growth and a strong community, Jeanine sets the narrative for Bounce. 


Team Members

Christopher Mazziotto

Director, Entrepreneurial Services

Christopher oversees programming for our technology entrepreneurs.

Ace Epps

Director, Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Ace oversees programming for entrepreneurs, with a focus on minorities.

Rose Saborse

Director, Community & Partnerships

Rose manages our first-floor Generator space, and keeps our growing community engaged.

David Paolinellie

Director, Facilities

Dave manages all of our facilities operations; if it needs fixed, he’s your man.

Robbie Coon-Anda

Program Coordinator

Robbie is our intake specialist and helps manage our programs for tech entrepreneurs.

NaSheka Lemon

Program Coordinator

NaSheka is a member of the GROW team and manages our MORTAR program. 

Asha McDuffie

program coordinator

Asha manages intake for our GROW program and oversees the AE and Next Level programs.

Molly Carpenter

Community & Events Coord.

Molly manages events in the Generator and oversees community engagement.

Vicky Fleet

Office manager

Vicky gets here early in the morning to keep our office and facility fully operational.

Lauren Marsh

Community Administrator

Lauren is our first-floor ambassador and helps manages Generator memberships. 

Jeff Smith

Workshop Manager

Jeff knows all the things when it comes to operating the Workshop: A Creative Co-op.

Ashlee Moehring

Events Manager

Ashlee is the go-to for after-hours and weekend events at Bounce. 

Alec Simon

startup advisor, MAGNET

Alec serves Akron’s Iterator clients, advising startups with a physical product.

Austin Kettner

startup advisor

Austin is our tech expert and specializes in design and development. 

James Hilton

startup advisor

James manages the tech client pipeline and specializes in marketing, branding and strategy.

Jack Hilton

startup advisor

Jack specializes in business practices, fundraising and strategy.

Julie Brennan

startup advisor, HR

Julie provides entrepreneurial-focused HR services and consulting to  incubator clients.

Mike Haritakis

Entrepreneur in Residence

Mike is a veteran entrepreneur in the healthcare/biomed/biotech industry. 

Bill Flickinger

Entrepreneur in Residence

Bill is a veteran entrepreneur in biomedical, life sciences and healthcare.   

Tim Turrittin

Entrepreneur in Residence

Tim is a veteran entrepreneur, specializing in sales leadership and training.

Tony Vespoli

entrepreneur in residence

Tony is a proven industry leader, specializing in value-driven sales strategies. 

Elijah Stambaugh

entrepreneur in residence

Elijah focuses on strategy, teaching, leading and learning, specializing in edtech.

Gene Groys

entrepreneur in residence

Gene is an entrepreneur, specializing in launching and managing companies.

Vicki Tifft

Entrepreneur in Residence

Vicki is a veteran entrepreneur, providing insight, advice and counseling to Bounce companies.