GROW Spotlight: LaQuata Williams, Owner, White Glove Cleaning

LaQuata Williams tapped into the invaluable resources at Bounce Innovation Hub when she was starting her business—White Glove Cleaning Solutions, LLC, that provides residential and commercial cleaning and sanitary services. Now White Glove is part of the Next Level Incubator for established small businesses, part of the GROW program at Bounce. The company is also headquartered at Bounce, located on the sixth floor.

LaQuata first got the entrepreneurship bug while attending The University of Akron, when she took an entrepreneurship class at The University of Akron and one of the tasks was to take all the necessary steps toward creating and starting a new business.

Participating in Bounce programs has a great benefit to her business. She’s made connections with other service providers who she can use as a sounding board, especially when it’s a topic she’s not as familiar with as others. She’s also been able to gain access to investors with start-up capital.

This expert knowledge has helped her deal with growth challenges, such as finding the right employees who are able to provide the high level of services she wants to offer her clients.

Relying on those resources has aided LaQuata in branching into new sectors of her business, such as post-construction commercial cleaning following remodeling or renovations.

She recommends anyone with a new business venture in mind to take advantage of all the resources Bounce offers.

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