Product Development Accelerator

The Product Development Accelerator (PDA) program is a software accelerator that helps founders during the earlier stages of a startup get their product to market. It is the only program of its kind in Northeast Ohio that focuses on building and iterating an MVP.

The goal of the PDA is to get your startup from one point to the next. Imagine you are past discovery, you’ve talked to customers, and are ready to iterate on early design mockups, start development, and get your product into users’ hands. That process, coupled with intense entrepreneurial mentoring, will get you ready to conquer the market, drive revenue, and see success.

Program Value

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Program Overview

What’s the catch? 1) You don’t get investment up front; you have to work towards it. 2) This is a big time commitment. As founder, you are required to be involved in the program. And 3) We move at a fast pace and will push you to go beyond what you think you can do. Four months may sound like a long time, but, trust us, it’s not.


A bit of history:

The PDA is built on top of The Bit Factory program with nearly four years of experience investing, mentoring, and growing startups from idea stage to success. Our team of advisors has been involved with more than 20 founders across 12 startups.

Program Details

Some definitions:

Mentorship – hands-on, experienced, and committed mentors (for the most part founders themselves) helping to make introductions, drive your business, and bring their expertise to your startup
Investment – Bounce Innovation Hub, the organization that powers the PDA program, is willing to invest up to $40k into each startup going through our accelerator. Terms are negotiable once you’ve demonstrated some success.

Space – Accelerator founders have full access to The Bit Factory and well as private co-working space and conference rooms as part of the program and then for three months following its conclusion (a total of seven months of free office and meeting space). In addition, the Generator, the first floor of the Bounce building, has lots of co-working available and is a community of like-minded individuals and organizations.

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