Creative Community

A vibrant and supportive arts and culture scene is key to a thriving community and economy. Bounce’s creative community gives artists, makers, crafters and creative professionals a place to bring their ideas to life.

The Workshop: A Creative Co-op

Bounce’s new Workshop has an artistic focus, available not just for makers, but all creatives. It is membership-based, offering workspace and state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, leather-working stations, woodworking tools, textiles, sewing equipment, photography equipment. It is ideal for Akron’s makers, crafters, artists and builders. 

Avant Garden

Bounce is home to Avant Garden, a unique space where artists and makers produce and showcase experimental and innovative art. Application for Avant Garden is by invitation only. This space is also the office headquarters for the Curated Storefront and the Hieronymous collection.

Local Arts Focus and Patronage

The Bounce building and design aesthetic honors Akron’s past, present and future. It is a modern, exciting and functional facility for not just entrepreneurs, but the Akron community.

The first-floor Generator space features the original works of 78 northeast Ohio artists, and more than 160 pieces of original artwork, furniture and furnishings. As far we know, this is the biggest effort of this kind in our area’s recent history. And the result is breathtaking – in scope and design.