Bounce Innovation Hub and FairlawnGig partner to bring high-speed internet service to Bounce

AKRON, Ohio (Dec. 5, 2018) – Bounce Innovation Hub and FairlawnGig are partnering to bring single sign-on, high-speed, fiber-optic service to Bounce (  and its companies. FairlawnGig ( is a municipal broadband utility and internet provider that is delivering a 10-gigabit connection throughout the 300,000 sq. ft. Bounce building that houses more than 50 companies and support organizations.

FairlawnGig’s dedicated internet service maintains speeds and reliability and does not degrade during peak usage hours. Bounce is FairlawnGig’s largest customer outside of the city of Fairlawn.

“As we build out the first floor Generator and continue to recruit tech companies to floors 2-9, it is imperative that we have a public Wi-Fi solution that can accommodate high-volumes at unprecedented speed with a convenient sign-on mechanism,” said Doug Weintraub, Bounce CEO. “FairlawnGig is able to give us the power we need here. This is the perfect example of how relationships can drive real change and opportunity.”

The Generator will be open to the public and will include co-working space, a makerspace, café, event space and an esports lab.
“Partnerships like this are exactly what Akron needs to build a more robust, adaptable local job market,” said Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. “As Bounce looks to better serve local start-ups and current businesses, providing safe and reliable internet service is a must-have in helping those businesses thrive.”

The partnership also helps the city of Fairlawn as it looks to expand its services into new communities and foster economic development.

“We’re thrilled to take FairlawnGig’s services beyond our city limits to help regional organizations achieve business goals only obtainable with the robust broadband service we provide,” said Ernie Staten, deputy director of public service for Fairlawn. “FairlawnGig can help the entire region compete globally the same way we’ve helped Fairlawn businesses grow and thrive. FairlawnGig’s services are perfect to help businesses in Bounce innovate and create new market opportunities.”

About Bounce Innovation Hub

Bounce is in downtown Akron in the former B.F. Goodrich plant and comprises more than 300,000 square feet of office, lab and light manufacturing space. More than 50 companies and organizations are located in Bounce, employing more than 200 people. Bounce currently offers an incubator program, a mentoring program and a software accelerator. Bounce frequently hosts, as well as offers event space, for entrepreneurial events.

About FairlawnGig®

FairlawnGig is a municipal broadband utility established by the City of Fairlawn that delivers a superior Internet experience for residents and businesses in Fairlawn and the Akron/Bath/Fairlawn JEDD. FairlawnGig’s high-speed fiber network offers an unprecedented level of Internet service to the Fairlawn area with a gigabit fiber connection to every home and business. The City of Fairlawn established FairlawnGig as a forward-thinking, economic development strategy founded on the belief that business growth, innovation, and community transformation will follow with every connection.
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FairlawnGig: Doug Adams, 330.933.3374,