Vacay Hard Seltzers use premium ingredients to capture an island vibe

While vacationing in Punta Cana in the Dominic Republic, Perry Owens tried a popular hard seltzer. “I liked the concept, but felt like I was drinking carbonated pool water,” he said. After doing some research, he discovered that most hard seltzers on the market today are made from malt liquor.  “I had the idea to […]

CDK’s Greener Flame Candles Co. Promotes Holistic Health and Wellbeing

As college roommates, Caliyah Hogan, Disha Tailor and Zakiah (Kiah) Davis realized how much fragrance elevated their mood when they were stressed out and busy juggling work and school. “Often that stress showed up in our physical space and our dorm would be messy,” Hogan said. “We enjoyed burning candles while we cleaned, sharing a […]