Next Level Incubator

The Next Level Incubator is a program for small businesses in a non-technology field grossing at least $10,000 annually. The GROW team helps these businesses scale and market to success by offering resources, skills development programs and low-cost, business-to-business workspace.

The program includes one-on-one business advising and six monthly meetings for participants consisting of workshops and a referral table.

The goal of the Next Level Incubator is to help established small businesses by identifying the root causes of business issues then creating solutions entrepreneurs can use immediately to overcome obstacles and barriers to success. 
Fly High Productions
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7th Floor Clothing

How we help:

One-on-One Advising

At this stage, each company has unique needs that require unique solutions. Our advisors work closely with each owner to focus on things like growth planning, market research, customer retention and service development.

Monthly Workshops

The workshops bring our companies together in one place.  They cover marketing assistance, analytics tools, access to accounting and legal professionals and access to loan facilities or grant programs.

Referral Tables

Referral tables are opportunities for participants to receive potential customer leads from fellow Next Level members. Because the referrals are from businesses they frequent and trust, companies are gaining loyal, recurring customers.

What are the Benefits of the Incubator?

  • Small business expertise, mentorship, a collaborative work environment and access to capital.
  • Business development programming such as workshops, panel discussions and referral tables.
  • Structured environment and business advising that can help a new business keep focus.
  • A low-cost workspace that allows entrepreneurs to reduce overhead while growing their business.