Coming in early 2019

Akron’s front door for innovation starts with the Generator. Occupying the first floor of Bounce, it is  intentionally designed for idea generation, community-building and simply doing work.


The Generator provides a mix of open and private workspace available for daily or monthly use to meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs, including co-working and private office space, as well as event space and conference and meeting rooms.


Bounce’s makerspace will be membership-based, offering workspace and state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, woodworking tools and sewing equipment, for Akron’s makers, crafters, artists and builders.

Café and coffeehouse

Coffee is fuel for ingenuity and communities are built around food. The Remarkable Café will be a central gathering spot for anyone in and around Bounce. Open to the public, the café will feature a variety of drinks (including coffee!), snacks and grab-and-go meals.


Bounce is excited to house a University of Akron esports satellite lab. You can read about the new program at UA, as well as many others, here. What’s really cool is that when the team’s not using the lab, it will be open for use by Bounce companies and visitors.