Corrolytics revolutionizes corrosion testing with new technology

Corrosion in oil and gas pipelines compromises their safety, resulting in catastrophic spills and billion-dollar damage. Being able to accurately measure corrosion and differentiate whether it is microbiologically induced or due to other factors is essential to knowing how to properly treat it. The team at Corrolytics, a Bounce Technology Incubator client, has developed groundbreaking […]

Time2Talk helps language learning

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marina Jackman met her husband, Chris, while earning a master’s degree in international politics and journalism in Barcelona, Spain. As the couple prepared for a move to France, they visited there to take an extensive, five-week-long course in French. This immersive experience allowed them to constantly apply everything they […]

LightScreen Art offers alternative to stained glass

Bounce Innovation Hub - LightScreen Art offers affordable alternative to stained glass

As lovers of traditional stained glass and technology, the team at LightScreen Art offers a modern alternative to stained glass in a customizable, affordable and easy-to-install window covering that they call lightscreens. Willow Mattison, vice president of operations, said the dramatic improvements in digital manufacturing equipment, such as 3D printers and laser cutters, inspired LightScreen […]

2022 Year in Review – Technology

It’s no surprise that 2022 presented a challenging economy for businesses, including tech startups. Whether it was supply-chain issues, increased costs or cautious investors, many of our founders navigated the turbulence of last year to keep building for a brighter 2023. James Hilton, senior director of entrepreneurial services, said it was important for the founders […]

SonoStik Perfects the Art and Accuracy of IV Insertion

Did you know that the peripheral intravenous line stick is one of the most common procedures in hospitals today? Think about it. When you get fluids or medicines in the hospital, a PIV is inserted first. It’s estimated that more than 300 million peripheral intravenous catheters are sold annually in the United States. And at […]

Tech Spotlight: MyHouseCall, Michael Cole, co-founder, COO

Have you ever been frustrated by how long it takes to get into an office to see a doctor, especially when you need your medical issues resolved quickly? Because of this frustration, patients often end up in urgent care or the emergency room, resulting in even higher medical bills. Bounce software accelerator client MyHouseCall wants […]

TECH Spotlight: Global Health Metrics, Éamon Johnson, CEO

Bounce Innovation Hub - Global Health Metrics

How many times have you filled out a questionnaire at a doctor’s office or emergency room? Many of these questionnaires about your medical history, emotional and physical health and lifestyle behaviors are health risk assessments, designed to help individuals and medical professionals monitor health status over time.   Bounce software accelerator client Global Health Metrics […]

Tech Spotlight: LEAF


(Bounce Software Accelerator client LEAF wins $7,500 at Case Western Reserve University’s startup competition) Logically Engineering Automation Features Ltd., or LEAF for short, is on a mission to make electrical engineers’ lives easier. Specializing in construction automation, LEAF is working on a solar design application to help aid in the electrical wiring of solar panels. […]

Tech Spotlight: orthobrain


Ohio-based startup sees opportunity to positively affect dental patient care and accessibility; achieves $9 million in latest funding round   Dr. Dan German, founder, CEO and chief orthodontist at orthobrain, a Bounce remote incubator company, knows a thing or two about smiles. With more than 30 years as an orthodontist, his smile lights up a room […]

2021 Year in Review – Technology


(Featured above: orthobrain founder Dr. Dan German presents at our third-annual Startup Showcase.) It was a very busy year for our technology startup programs. Our team worked to expand connections for founders, continue mentorship and create strong bonds for our entrepreneurs. Many of our clients are still navigating restrictions created by the pandemic, but several […]