Community Impact Report 2018-2020

On behalf of everyone at Bounce Innovation Hub, I am pleased to present our first community impact report. Looking back to where we started in 2018, I am proud and amazed by how far we have come. As you read through the following pages, you’ll see a nonprofit organization on solid financial footing, that values collaboration and partnership and that has seen incredible growth as an organization, a team and a community.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Our team has grown. We started with one full-time employee in January 2018 and ended 2020 with 14 FTEs. That team is also more diverse, employing five persons of color and eight women, with four in leadership positions.
  • Our entrepreneurial programs have expanded. Not only did we grow the number of programs from one to six, but we also answered the call to make our programs more accessible to ALL entrepreneurs. We secured funding, hired a director of inclusive entrepreneurship and now three of our six entrepreneurial
    programs focus on serving minorities and women.
  • Our footprint is larger. In 2019, we opened our 27,000 sq. ft. first-floor Generator space — a beautiful coworking, office and event space — where the public is welcome. Bounce became truly open to everyone — figuratively and literally.
  • Most importantly, our impact on Akron and the northeast Ohio community has increased. The numbers will speak for themselves, but needless to say, Bounce has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, leading to more jobs, more revenues, and more investment.

Along with our many partners, Bounce is affecting change in our region. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do, where we’ve been and all that we’ve been able to accomplish.

Doug Weintraub, CEO