GROW Spotlight: Billy Taylor, CEO, LinkedXL

Billy Taylor, CEO of LinkedXL has found at Bounce much more than a space to rent an office and conference rooms. LinkedXL is involved with two programs at Bounce – the GROW Next Level Incubator and the Software Accelerator.

At Bounce, Billy has discovered a network of people and resources to help him with fundamental business elements, as well as a team helping him to develop a proprietary software product. Because of those connections, he’s expediting the time it takes to go to market without compromising quality.

As a business operating system architect firm, LinkedXL helps companies build management systems for daily operations that are simple to comprehend and use. He defines success by seeing clients grow their businesses and is fond helping others by guiding them through a 10-second rule: “If something takes 10 seconds or longer to understand, it is too complicated.”

Billy is an innovator, a former executive at Goodyear Tire Company and a nationally known leader in the diversity and inclusion space. While at Bounce, he’s begun to more deeply build his voice, writing articles and content for publications that tap into his experience as a corporate exec turned entrepreneur.

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