Jack Hilton

Company Advisor, Product Development Accelerator

Jack is a serial entrepreneur with proficiency in many different areas. He currently serves as CEO and co-founder of Clusio, Inc., an enterprise healthcare software for managing medical competency. He is co-founder of several companies, including WonderKiln, a design and development agency and the maker of the popular, open source library CameraKit, Quixby.com, Glances, Inkhorn Limited, and Extinct Corporation. Jack has dabbled in software-related startups from B2B SaaS software to mobile games and social apps. Jack is versed in business practices, fundraising and strategy, all with a technical understanding from a coding perspective, and routinely relays this expertise to help grow software companies in the right directions. He has successfully raised angel investment capital and closed multiple state and local grant awards. In addition, Jack is an inventor, along with his partners James Hilton and Austin Kettner, of a complex software algorithm system.

Previously, Jack worked for Hilton Music, Inc., an amusement and vending company. He oversaw growth and expansion from Cleveland/Akron to Columbus. As regional service manager, he helped facilitate installation, servicing, collection and operations of eight locations in the Greater Columbus area, which saw 100 percent revenue growth in one year. Jack graduated from Walsh University with a Bachelor of Science in biology, Magna Cum Laude.